About Pharmacie Hannouche

10-30-2013_09-59-30_Pharmacie_HannoucheLocated in Montreal, Quebec, Pharmacie Hannouche is a family-owned and operated business that provides a variety of pharmaceutical services. Operated by Mario Hannouche, the pharmacy offers vaccinations, diabetic foot care, blood pressure monitoring, and testing services for blood glucose and cholesterol. Mario’s father, Gabriel, who was also a pharmacist, established Pharmacie Hannouche in 1993.

Medications dispensed by the pharmacy are prepared in different ways according to the needs of the patient. By monitoring a patient’s full pharmacological profile, the pharmacy can prepare dosages of all medications prescribed in personalized packaging to help patients take accurate and correct amounts of medication on a daily basis. Pharmacie Hannouche also provides special delivery services and off-site medication administration for patients with special needs, particularly those with Alzheimer’s disease. The pharmacy even boasts an in-house nurse who monitors vitals and administers tests and vaccinations. Pharmacist Mario Hannouche works closely with doctors in the Montreal area to ensure quality and patient well-being.


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